The brand Rosner

After the First World War and under the direction of Chemist Ludwig Rosner, the Munich-based carpentry workshop turned into a specialised enterprise which experienced a steep rise and continued success defying all the adversities of history, due to product quality and understanding for the requirements of the trade.

The continuous development of the product range through high technical knowledge and market understanding guaranteed the customers not only a consistent quality but also easy-to-use products with outstanding effects.

Since the acquisition of the Rosner brand in 2010, MIPA SE feels obliged to this tradition and continues to produce these well-known products unchanged and according to the established formulations of which some date back to Ludwig Rosner's time.



At the very outset there was a joiner’s bench – in the middle of Munich – in the workshop of master joiner Elberskirch. Elberskirch was a master of his field. So he was able to refine wood down to the last detail, to that kind of surface treatment that has always distinguished noble and stylish furniture. He carefully kept the secret of the formulations of his self-created polishes and matting agents and sold these materials only when he was unable to cope with too many orders without any support. After the First World War, illness and his age caused him to offer his business for sale.

Ludwig Rosner acquired the joinery and laid the foundation of the paint factory Rosner.  The company under new direction was launched under the motto: "Rosner is there for carpenters." The Second World War reduced parts of the city Munich to ashes, including the working areas – the origin of many lacquers, stains and polishes in parts known beyond the national borders. In view of the ruins all hope seemed to be lost.

However, the demand for Rosner quality and the loyalty of customers remained intact. This all gave rise to the unswerving will of Mr Ludwig Rosner to restart the business.  Selling the first cans of "ROSNER-Lack" and the first bottles of "ROSNER-Beize" after the chaos of war and years of reconstruction brought back the well-deserved success. Soon the production facilities in Munich were too small. The company purchased a large wooded area on which a production plant was built.

The excellent reputation and the big success of the company L. Rosner OHG piqued Mr Helmut Wurm’s interest. Mr. Helmut Wurm acquired the L. ROSNER KG. Under his direction, the headquarter was relocated from Munich to Gerestsried and the company was enlarged.

Then as now Rosner produces lacquers, polishes, stains and waxes for joineries. Finished products and developments, that are unique in their kind, arose and arise from the combination of the high-quality Rosner products and the craftmanship of its customers